For Special Operators 

  • Professional development and camaraderie with successful members of other industries and professions

  • Insight into the local community where the service member is stationed.  

  • Learn about the challenges and decision making of the public and private sector.

  • Networking for future transition opportunities

  • Afforded the ability to learn and appreciate the lifelong sport of golf.  Cherish the history and pastime, as well as promote an interest that can be played everywhere.

  • Gaining the understanding of how a SOF skillset can translate to the private sector

For Civilian Members 

  • Provide an opportunity to engage with our SOF operators and give back through mentorship and wisdom.

  • Gain understanding of the elite SOF operator they house in their community

  • Improve awareness of the demands, sacrifices, and the lifestyle

  • Share and exchange professional experiences

  • Better understanding of the role of our Special Operations in Foreign Policy and International Relations

For Our Country

  • Bridge the Civilian-Military Divide through a feeling of pride, fellowship, and common loyalty shared by patriotic Americans.

  • Investment in our most precious asset in America – our People.

  • Promote an appreciation of selfless-service and loyalty.  This opens a door to showcase American Service Members and advocate for military service opportunities. ( Assists with recruitment, those with no military connections form relationships with military members who are able to share what their life is truly like. Civilians may then encourage their children to join or at least speak with the service member they golfed with.)

  • Bridging the divide between civilians and Special Operations 

Jumping Off the Plane