At Fore Country we believe the life-long sport of golf can bring together our Special Operations Forces and the public whom they serve.

The civilian-military gap is continuing to widen. We are committed to bringing both service-members and civilians together on the golf course to provide purposeful opportunities by connecting Special Operators and their families with the civilian community through meaningful engagement and bonding. We believe bringing Americans together will strengthen, recruit and retain our Special Operation Forces. 

How it works

Special Forces Operators are paired with civilian neighbors in a foursome for golf.  Fore Country helps facilitate the outing by working with the golf course or country club.  

1. Overview

Prior to the scheduled golf outing, a Fore Country Ambassador will provide an overview to the participants. 

2. Golf Outing


The team is primed with background information on their pairing partners and the team bonds naturally over 18 holes.

3. Follow Up

Professional network to teach, coach, and mentor.  Lasting friendship, future employment or recruiting opportunity.


Only 12% of youth believe they share a lot in common with people in the U.S. military.

In 1995, 40% of youth had a parent who had served; and in 2017, that percentage was 15.

Did You Know?

Our military doesn’t have a visibility problem, it has a conversational disconnect with civilians.

Americans are familiar with seeing service members recognized at sporting events, military jets conducting flyovers, and members of the armed services marching in hometown parades. While these endeavors are great exposure for U.S. service members, we often gloss over the more meaningful opportunities to engage in real conversations with Americans..."


Army Green Beret

I'm not a golfer, so I wasn't sure what to expect when Fore Country set me up with a game and matched me with local business leaders.  Right away we were all just having a great time and building great community mentors and friends. 

Female Golfer with Clubs

Jody Yates, Pinehurst member

Thank you, Fore Country, for the opportunity to help and encourage our Special OP’s soldiers in the community. It was an amazing experience connecting with the troops over a round of golf.


Mark Stejbach 

BioTech Industry Consultant

"You can’t help but be impressed by the character of the special operators and the responsibilities they have.  We greatly enjoyed playing some golf, having some laughs, and making some new friends."